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   Customized service program:
[1], you provide product images and requirements (material and size), and we accordingly accounting costs, most cost-effective price to you!
[2], in accordance with the AS or pictures and requirements, our company arrangements proofing and distributed to your company confirmed.
[3] Division I schedule the largest producer of goods, quality and quantity, and to ensure the delivery confirmation samples!
Our advantages:
[1], many styles, multiple styles customized according to customer needs.
[2], quality assurance, our company mainly trade customers, products mainly for Europe, America and Japan and South Korea markets, provide OEM service for many famous outdoor brands abroad!
[3], cost-effective, strict cost control and to ensure the best quality, providing customers with the highest cost-effective products!
[4], acceptable small quantities of customized services, General Order 100, special negotiable.
1.100% inspection
All of our products to achieve 100% inspection, in order to stop the emergence of product quality problems
2. Unconditional return policy
As a result of our company product issues caused by the mistakes, the Secretary to implement a system of unconditional return policy.
3. Third-party guarantee transactions
Support margin trading Paypal third party.

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